Two Weekends – One Passion
It’s All About the Curves!

The Women’s Sportbike Rally is an annual gathering of riders on both coasts of the USA. We are the only multi-day female-focused sportbike road rally in the world!
The Rally welcomes ALL individuals, groups and clubs with a passion for performance motorcycles. Guests of these women are included in the celebration (yes, that means men are welcomed).

We have always been and will always be a grassroots effort, with events designed for sportbike women and coordinated by sportbike women. We volunteer countless hours each year to create a weekend focused on collaboration, fun, riding, education and camaraderie. The Rally depends on our volunteers and is funded by donations from our amazing sponsors, product sales and event registration fees.wsr_com_color


EAST Rally – 12 amazing years!

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We started this gathering in 2006 in a magical place called Deals Gap. Renowned as “ The Dragon” this section of US129 is world famous for its 318 turns in 11 miles. Located in the Great Smoky Mountains where North Carolina borders Tennessee, it has proven to be the perfect host for sportbikegirls 12 years and counting!

2018: Deal’s Gap, NC | September 7-9 | LEARN MORE

WEST Rally – 3 years strong!


The West Rally started as a celebration of our 10th anniversary as an organization. We have been gathering in the little village of Big Bear, in the San Bernardino mountains, since 2015. In 2018, we will venture even further west and make our mark on the coasts and canyons of Malibu in Southern California. Our annual West event offers up the same winding roads, wide open spaces, and weekend of camaraderie as our East Rally.

2018: Camarillo, CA | July 13-15 | LEARN MORE



In 1997, a young girl named Tiffany Weirbach was one of the very first to use the power of the internet to spread a personal message. She created a popular website – sportbikegirl.com – that highlighted her love of riding. She became known all across the world as “sportbikegirl.”

In 2001, Tiffany succumbed to Melanoma at the unfathomably young age of 24.

At the Women’s Sportbike Rally, our goal is to continue bringing awareness to the message that Tiffany began so long ago. To ensure long-term sustainability for Tiffany’s memory, the Rally donates net proceeds to The Skin Cancer Foundation, in memory of the original “sportbikegirl.”

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