Survey Says!

Responses are from the 2013 post-event survey.

Which location for the rally do you prefer? 01-rallylocation

The vote was split (see chart) which makes decision making really challenging for us! We have decided that for 2014, the event will have activities at both Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort and Fontana Village. Friday evening festivities will be held at Deals Gap and Saturday evening will be held at Fontana. A more detailed schedule will announced closer to the event.

What shirt color would you like for next year?

02-shirtThere were two shirts that edged out the traditional black color and they were purple and red. You’ll have to wait until next year to determine which one we will select!

Does the event date (weekend after Labor Day) create challenges for you to attend 03-datethe event?

We’ll let the pie chart do the talking for us again! We will continue to ask this question each year to let you decide if our date should change.

What is your main motivation for attending the rally?

We were very excited to see that meeting other riders and riding ranked the highest as the main motivation for attending the event each year. Here was the breakdown:

  • Meeting other riders – 88%
  • Riding – 88%
  • Women Focused Event – 76%
  • Door prizes – 36%
  • Deals Gap 24%

Please note that these will not add up to 100% due to the ladies being encouraged to select all that apply.

Which group photo did you participate in?

We had about 64% make it to both of our group photos. As much as we would love to reach 100%, based on the feedback we’re starting to believe that goal may just have to stay a dream. But we are not going to give up and if you have thoughts or suggestions of how to realize this goal, by all means send them our way!  

How interested would you be if we added the following ideas to the event or in addition to the event?

Based on this feedback, possibly look for some new and returning activities for 2014.


Will you recommend this event to other women sportbike riders?

Great to know that 100% of those who replied would recommend this event to others! Thanks ladies! Here are a few of the additional responses:

  • “Duh!” (WSR reply: Awesome!)
  • “Absolutely!  Try every year to encourage other women riders not just sports bikes. Unfortunately most of my friends ride crusiers.” (WSR reply: We feel ya which is one of the main reasons we started this event.)
  • “I have and will continue to recommend to any female sportbike rider I come across.” (WSR reply: You’re awesome, thank you!)
  • “I have and I brought a newbie. WSR need to adversities more. Send flyers to bike stores and repair shops.” (WSR reply: We’ll definitely reconsider this as a marketing option. What we have found, however, is that word of mouth, Facebook and Google searches seem to be the main way people are learning about the event.)
  • “Yes, but with some warnings if it’s held at Deals Gap again.” (WSR reply: We’d love to learn more about your concerns regarding Deals Gap as the location.)
  • “I don’t know any other women sportbike riders since I moved.” (WSR reply: Let us know where you’re from, maybe we can help.)
  • “I have already done so.” (WSR reply: You rock!)

Will you attend this event again?09-attendagain

Overwhelmingly 96% replied “Yes.”

The feedback regarding the “Not Sure” response was due to the date creating conflicts.

Please provide any suggestions or feedback you may have in order of us to improve this event. Thank you!

Here are the responses we received with a few replies from us!

“If you’re going to throw out free t-shirts, please throw out adult sizes :)”

  • WSR reply: We are very thankful for the sponsors who elect to send us free product, but we also think they would love to see us ladies actually wearing them as well. We’ll make a better effort to let our sponsors know that realistic sizing for the demographic who attends this event.

“Do it once a month?? LOL. xox”

  • WSR reply: Ha! If only that were possible!!! 😉

“I am never sure where to go on Saturday.  Maybe have a list in the goody bags of interesting places in the area that are within a reasonable distance.”

  • WSR reply: Great idea! We’ll add that to our list of things to improve.

“I like ‘assigned’ seats Friday evening, but maybe add to that. Have an icebreaker or something. Stuff to force people to interact even more.”

  • WSR reply: We’ll definitely consider that for 2014, thank you!

“I really missed having the [sportbike challenge] this year.  I think stuff like that makes it feel even more like an event, not just people who happen to be riding in the same area.”

  • WSR reply: We were bummed too. Time really got away from us on Friday and we had to make that call.

“A posted schedule would be great, hang it up at registration and at restaurant door maybe?”

  • WSR reply: We really let this simple idea get away from us. We’ll definitely make that a standard moving forward.

“It would be great if you either move the Saturday evening events (after dinner, if necessary) to Fontana Village to avoid ‘being in the way’ of the 50cc races.”

  • WSR reply: Thank you for the feedback and based on the first question above, we will be doing this in 2014. However, we have confirmed that the 50 racing will continue on Saturday for those who will want to catch the finals after our evening activity! More to come on that!

“Everything is always awesome, every year. Love the WSR!”

  • WSR reply: You’re too kind, thank you!

“There were women there I didn’t get to meet just because some are not forward on introducing themselves to other people they don’t know.”

  • WSR reply: Can you believe that Rally Coordinator, Dawn Chappell used to be one of those very people at the 2007 event. Look at her now! We know everyone has different comfort levels and we will just continue to try to create opportunities for them to open up a little. We all have at least one thing in common, right? 😉 

“I’m impressed overall!”

  • WSR reply: Thank you so much! We do love hearing this, but we know we’re far from perfect. Let us know what we can improve on, anytime…not just after the event. Let us know, anytime!

“It appears that now that more males are attending the females are less likely to interact with another females. Try to plan more activities that are only for the ladies.”

  • WSR reply: We are thankful that all the male guests (who must be the guest of a registered female) who attend have demonstrated true support for the integrity of the event. We do recognize the need to provide opportunities for the ladies to interact more which is why we begin the event on Friday with the ladies only photo followed by dinner where we kick the guys out for a little while (very nicely, of course). We do not want to alienate them completely as that would likely prevent some ladies from attending, but if you (or anyone) have thoughts that may help us balance this challenge, by all means send them our way!

“I wish the event was Thursday to Sunday.”

  • WSR reply: We do too! Many ladies arrive early so we’re thinking about putting together a Thursday event of some sort for the early birds! Stay tuned!

“Really, really liked the organized rides that happened in the early rallies.  Enjoyed being with new people.  Now that the rally is getting older pretty much everyone had their own select ride group already set. Asked for others to ride with us but got no takers so off we went, just the two of us.”

  • WSR reply: We get this kind of feedback a lot and the main reason we stopped advertising group rides is due to liability. Although we would love to believe that those who attend this event would never sue us for <insert whatever negligence they want to come up with here> it’s something we are still concerned could happen. As a result, since we’re just a small, non-profit run by volunteers, the risk just did not seem worth it. We are looking into ways to make this possible, however, but it does add operational expenses to the event. We definitely haven’t stopped considering putting these back on the schedule though. Trust us, we’re looking into it!

“I don’t think enough emphasis is on the fundraising for skin cancer. Sometimes I forget that’s why it all started.”

  • WSR reply: You’re absolutely right! We plan to rectify this moving forward!

“I am actually happy that the larger prizes are being held as auctions. It helps raise money.”

  • WSR Reply: We agree and we hope the Super Silent Auction will continue to grow with all ranges of bids possible.

“My favorite door prizes are accommodations for next year’s rally. I wish I could win those sometime!”

  • WSR Reply: Hint, hint, nudge, nudge sponsors. 😉

“This was my first rally and I loved it.  Thank you to all the organizers and sponsors!”

  • WSR Reply: Welcome to the addiction and hope you come back next year!

“How much was raised for the charity?”

  • WSR Reply: We raised another $2,000. We’re getting ready to change up a few things with the hopes to finally nudge this number upward! Stay tuned!

“As I mentioned before and talking about that to other girls, a different location where everyone stays at the same place would be better so there is more chances to meet and greet. Maybe most girls would be willing to pay a little more to be pampered more. Fontana was a nice place to stay, but I have no problem camping either.”

  • WSR Reply: Over the years, the feedback has been very different depending on who we talk to. It’s a challenging spot to be in as organizers because we honestly want to do what is best for the participants and the event as a whole, not just a few. Unfortunately it will never be possible to make everyone completely happy but hopefully we can compromise and do what is best for the majority. We plan to continue our post event survey to get a pulse of how everyone feels so we can continue making decisions with the best interest of the participants at heart. For 2013, not only was the vote completely split on where to have the 2014 event activities, but also where people actually stayed varied well beyond that of Fontana and Deals Gap. It’s definitely a challenge for us to make decisions.

“Overall I had a good time and got to know some outstanding women riders. And thank the leaders for all the organisation!”

  • WSR Reply: Thank you so much! We’re glad you were able to meet some new people and enjoy yourself. Please, please, please let us know how we can get better!

Response Rating

All ladies of the 2013 event received the survey. We had a 43% response rating. If you would like to see the survey results, just let us know.