Lyndse Rae Faba

Resident Artist, Veteran Attendee, Girl Adventurer

Lyndse ~ Our Artist
Killboy Photo
Name lyndse rae faba
Location great state of the western reserve (ohio)
Profession girl adventurer
Instagram lyndseraefaba
Year started riding 2001
First bike honda xr100r
How I got into riding? my mum taught me to motocross, which turned out to be a gateway drug
# of rallies and years attended all but the first two, i think. or was i at the second one too? i don’t know, man. these questions are hard.
Bike(s) ducati monster, honda metropolitan, suzuki drz, felt f95
Hobbies beyond riding cycling, longboarding, bass playin’, astrophysics, art, hockey (red star valley view hc forever!)
Astrological sign saggitaron
Height hobbit
Stuff I like beer, five guys burgers, jazz music, dogs
Stuff I can’t stand racism. otherwise i’m pretty easy going
Chicks I dig stephani mcintyre, my mum rachelle, my sister jill, frida kahlo
Some of the most important things I’ve learned in life so far second law of thermodynamics.

you always have the option to sit down and do nothing.

life is easy, just show up and pedal.

Some of the things I’ve learned by attending the rally the rally has taught me how to not be afraid to be me and meet new people. everyone is awesome.
Goals like snoopy, i have no goals or ambitions yet i am perfectly happy. rather than adopting the “bucket list” mentality, if i see something i think i might like to do, i just go and do it immediately.
Favorite Quotes courage is the quality which guarantees all others.
-sir winston churchill

squeeze the milk of life into your dirty glass and drink it warm.
-the tick

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