Stephani McIntyre

Rally Co-Founder

Steph, a founder
Killboy Photo

Name Stephani McIntyre
Location Columbus, Ohio
Profession Corporate stuff
Facebook I’m out there, but only if we’ve met and you’re cool! 🙂
Instagram @stephi.mac — My pup, @amberjoy_rr
Year started riding 1998
First bike 1992 Kawasaki ZX-6 stephanizx6r
How I got into riding? My ex-hubby had a 1991 Suzuki Can-o-tuna that I thought was soooo sexy! It didn’t take long to move from the back of his bike to my own.
# of rallies and years attended Every single one of them!
Bike(s) 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 (The orange one!) and a 2006 TGB 50cc scooter (0-35 mph in 13 seconds…oh yeah!)
Hobbies beyond riding Ice hockey, photography, writing, traveling, outdoorsy stuff.
Astrological sign Pisces
Height 5’ 8”
Stuff I like My dog, a great filet mignon, inspirational people (and animals), organizing, learning new things, dancing, my friends who get me.
Stuff I can’t stand Football, basketball, squids, pretending, holding yourself back, unnecessarily loud motorcycles of all kinds, feta cheese (it’s a texture thing).
Chicks I dig Tiffany Weirbach, Rae Blues, Brittany Morrow, Paige Huston, Margie Lee, Lori Cannon, Dawn Chappell, Suzy Moody and my grandmother Joy. Celebrities do not impress me, although I do have a woman crush on Amy Schumer.
Some of the most important things I’ve learned in life so far Living in fear of what people think of you keeps you from becoming who you truly are. In the words of an awesome movie I once saw with my 10-year old niece, “Let it go!” 🙂
Some of the things I’ve learned by attending the rally Best friends have been and continue to be made at this event. I can’t explain how it happens, but one thing is for sure, you truly get out of it what you put into it. If you come for free stuff…you’ll likely go home with free stuff. But if you come for a deeper purpose, like make new friends and meet some amazing women, then that is exactly what you’ll find if you decide to break out of your comfort zone. Come for the ride, come back for the friends!
Goals Travel more than I currently am both on and off the bike.
Favorite Quotes “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

2 thoughts on “Stephani McIntyre

  1. i got my first sportbike in 2004. coming from motocross, i knew a couple of dudes who were into stunting. i hung around in that community for a little while but i didn’t like how girls were treated. not saying that’s how it is everywhere, but that’s how it was where i live around that time.

    i wanted to learn to make wheelies AND drag my knees but finding a place where i could learn to ride on the track… where could i do that? i was saved by a rider from the c.o.r.e. group, a riding group that stephani had been a part of since it’s beginning. she was this amazing goddess to me- she rode so awesome and her group treated girls the same as boys. c.o.r.e. was even founded by a woman!

    steph was the first girl on a sportbike that was nice to me. i mean really nice, not fake nice while competing for male attention nice. no posing on bikes here, just following lines and learning how to really have a good time on the road and on the track.

    she invited me to the sportbikerally and i went. i fell in love with the group and the mountains and even more with steph… i heard she thinks she was “an asshole” back then, but i remember her much differently. she was my hero. she was the only other girl in a track suit who reached out to me even though i’m covered in tattoos and have a GIANT mouth and ugly bikes and the first year i went to the rally i got so trashed i forgot i even won the turtle race before the free cocktails started. (i was really surprised to get a medal in the mail. oops.)

    and i’m proud to call her my friend.

    these are the kinds of friendships that the womens sportbike rally fosters. for serious, if you show up you will make friends like this.

    -rae, girl adventurer


  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephani and her riding companion that day, Brittany Morrow, on Sunday 09/06/2015 at Cheaha State Park in Alabama while they were riding the area prior to a ladies-only track day nearby the next day. After the causal greetings when we had first stopped at the at top of the ‘mountain’ (Ok, it barely qualifies as a hill in many other states, but it is Alabama and it’s a mountain to us), I came across them again a little further down the road at an overlook on the Talladega/Cheaha Scenic Byway while I was enjoying the road and decided to stop. I’m glad I did.

    I also had the pleasure to see them both again at the track-day when I stopped by there to visit with riders I knew who were attending. Despite their first experience with Alabama’s stifling heat and ridiculous humidity, they were both still smiling and still being amazing spokespeople for the sport, their personal experiences, and their charity.

    If there are better Ladies representing for our shared sport than Stephani and Brittany I haven’t met them. I’m glad it is as small a world as it is that let our paths cross…

    Thanks Ladies for making a good day a Great Day!

    All The Gear, All The Time!


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