Tiffany Weirbach

The Original Sportbikegirl

We honor Tiffany’s memory every chance that we can and wanted to be sure to include her as one of the ladies of the rally. Although she attended the 2007 event posthumously through her parents, Judd and Faye, we still try to keep her memory alive as one of the original internet pioneer’s for sportbike women. Click the images below to be taken directly to the pages of her website still remaining alive all these years later.

To learn more about Tiffany you can also read more HERE.



One thought on “Tiffany Weirbach

  1. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany personally, when I started riding, it was as if she was speaking to me directly. She was so nice and personable online and her website kicked ass. (Keep in mind this was late ’90s.) I was so honored that her parents drove all the way from Oregon and Texas (separately) to bring her 900rr to represent her attendance at the second rally. They are still thankful we honor her memory over a decade after she passed away from Melanoma.


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