Ten Days to Go ~ Ten Things to Know

Kawasaki Demo Rides

For the first time in our ten years we’re having demo rides! The Kawasaki Good Times Demo Tour is coming to WSR X! Yes, US! Thanks to the awesome support from Alcoa Good Times, we were able to get connected with Kawi to bring their awesome fleet (The 300, 650, Z1000, oh my!) for us to ride. Also, a huge thanks to Tail of the Dragon and Killboy for hosting the launch site. Seriously! This is AWESOME! (More deets on Friday of the event!)

Group Photo

  • Shutter clicks @ 9:30 a.m.
  • Arrive early…9:00 a.m. would be perfect!
  • Location is Lower Fontana Dam. If you go to the top of the dam, you’re in the wrong place! Get up! Be there early so we can get to riddin’!
  • Killboy will be there doing his drone thing! (It’s going to be awesome!)
  • Seriously…don’t miss it!

One Lucky Guy! 

It’s back again, but we’ll be taking a little different approach to voting this year. During Friday’s “girl time” we’ll be inviting you to share your one (1) minute speech of why your guy should win the One Lucky Guy Award which will be announced Saturday evening. Polish up your elevator speech and be ready to share!


Registration will be available at the event for those waiting until the absolute last minute! It’s also not too late to knock it out beforehand. Online reg closes on September 8.

Let’s Get Virtual!

For those of you unable to attend…but really, really, really want to, we have an option for you! Virtual rider! What does that mean? CLICK HERE to find out!

The Village People (i.e Fontana Villagers)

If you’re staying at Fontana Village Resort, help us out and be sure your reservation is linked to the Women’s Sportbike Rally. Double check by calling (800) 849-2258. We’d love ya for it!

Sunset Cruise with us! 

Are you arriving early? Say, by 5 p.m.-ish on Thursday? CLICK HERE for more details on our Thursday gathering featuring a Sunset Cruise.

Scavenger Hunt

It’s back again this year so join in the fun on Saturday during your ride! Prizes for the winners! (Deets will be in your swag bag!)


They’re in! And they look awesome! Just sayin’!

Our Sponsors Are Awesome! 

Check ’em out!!!