“Stick It” To Melanoma in May

wsr_sticker_windowStick it to Melanoma in May – Melanoma Awareness Month – by joining our sticker fundraiser. The proceeds will support our annual donation to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

For just $5.00, you’ll receive our kick ass sportbikegirl logo as a gorgeous decal. (Sportbikeboy? See below for our recommendation to alter the sticker just for you!)

Decal deets:

  • Size – 4″ wide x 3″ high

    Get the symmetrical set for just ten bucks. (while supplies last)
  • Color options – black, white or silver
  • Direction options – Left or right facing ($10 gets you both!)
  • Quality – Mother Nature has nothing on these!
  • Shipping is included
  • Quantities are limited – when they’re gone, they’re gone!


Why Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness? Check it!

  • The Original “Sportbikegirl” – Tiffany lost her battle with Melanoma in 2001.

    Put the stickers anywhere! On your bike, trailer, car, truck, motorhome…wherever. Currently we’re offering only white, black and silver colors!
  • The WSR Founder – Stephani was diagnosed in 2003 with Melanoma. “Cured” through early detection!
  • The Sportbikegirl logo designers – Corey and Casey Wilkinson lost their father to Melanoma.
  • The East Coast Event Manager – Dawn’s father has had surgery for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • The Britten Motorcycle Company – Lost their namesake, John Britten, in 1995 to Melanoma.

Melanoma is skin cancer. And cancer sucks. It doesn’t give a crap who you are. Catch it early though and it’s treatable.

Think about this:

  • You (hopefully) take preventative measures with your breasts, cervix and balls with annual exams, correct?
  • You (hopefully) spend hundreds (maybe thousands) on protecting your skin from pavement while riding motorcycles, correct?

Let this is be one additional preventative measure that takes less than an hour once a year to make sure your life is not in jeopardy.

Do it today. Call your doc and schedule an appointment for an annual skin exam. The skin is your largest organ peeps. Let’s get it protected both on and off the bike!

Know the signs. Click the pic for more info.

Sportbikeboys love stickers too!

This sportbikegirl decal can work for you too! Simply snip the hair out of the logo after you install it and presto, chango – a sportbikeboy! (Although extra kudos are in order if you keep the original logo as is and explain to your peeps how awesome of a dude you are by supporting our fundraiser and sportbike women everywhere!) 😉

Check out the awesome selection of nerd fun with stickers.

MASSIVE thanks to Whipps Sticker Co. for helping us out with this fundraiser. Check out his great line of stickers for the little geek in all of us!

Since 2007, our total donations have exceeded $10,000. Help us make this year our largest single annual donation to date.

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