A Bike Wash Fit for Sportbike Girls

The Sena Prism even got into the action. Look for a future video coming soon.
The Sena Prism even got into the action.

As a follow-up to Sunday’s Bridgestone Breakfast and Bike Wash, our volunteers Dave, C.J. and Justin

had a little fun showing off for the Sena Prism we’ll be raffling off after the Women’s Sportbike Rally XI presented by Sena this fall in September.

As a reminder, we ended Sunday at the WSR West 2 this past weekend with this bike wash designed to have fun and raise donations for the Irreverent Warriors.

Thanks to these incredible guys we ended the rally on a very fun and hilarious note. Thank you to Bridgestone for sponsoring and MotoHub USA for hosting this bike wash!

CLICK HERE to view our YouTube video edited by Brittany Morrow.