Announcing The Michelin Awards

Michelin_Awards_3-03-1MICHELIN AWARDS

This year, we’re excited to announce a new event called the #WSRRoad5Awards. Each award goes to a woman that has been nominated by her peers in the riding community. The contributions she’s made aren’t necessarily just for the riding community. She’s simply an awesome female, doing amazing things on a daily basis. She just happens to ride a motorcycle 😉

How often do we see women who ride motorcycles as more than motorcyclists? They are activists, caregivers, doctors, scientists, teachers, social workers, anything and everything we are needed to be.

Nominate ANY woman rider you know that deserves one of the following awards.


She does NOT have to attend the rally to win. And She does NOT have to serve the motorcycle community exclusively. She just needs to ride a motorcycle and fit one of the following categories below.


  1. Pilot Award: any female rider anywhere who has started something and driven it for her fellow female riders; someone who takes charge on anything
  2. Power Award: female who does everything?
  3. ACTIV Award: in the riding community; even if she’s not in charge of anything; or in her local community
  4. Total Performance Award: – for somebody who embodies all the other award characteristics
  5. Slick Award: she’s an all around nice person; and everyone likes her; she’s always setting a good example of ambassadorship and friendship



  1. Nominate ANY woman rider on any type of bike. Attendance at the rally is NOT required.
  2. Tell us which award she deserves to win and why.
  3. Tag us: Women’s Sportbike Rally and use #wsrRoad5Awards so we see the nomination.
  4. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. Likes, followers, and number of nominations are not considered in judging criteria. The “why” is the focus.
  5. Nominate as many women as you want for as many awards as you want by June 30, 2018!

Make sure to give a big shout out to Michelin Motorcycle if you want them to know you think it’s cool to recognize women in motorcycling who do great things within their communities, and sponsor awesome events like the #womenssportbikerally#michelinonmymoto#Michelinroad5


There will be two ceremonies, one at each rally so register now! 

One thought on “Announcing The Michelin Awards

  1. Joanne this is good, any time there is an award for a female bike rider I think it results in many more bike sales to women, Yes, Yes to more women on motorcycles.


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