Freaky Friday Bike Night, Friday July 13th Camarillo CA

WHERE: MC Service Centers LLC, 330 Wood Rd Suite I, Camarillo, CA 93010


!!! Our bike night is open to the public; invite anyone/everyone you want no matter what/if they ride. Everyone is welcome! MSC is staying open for services all night. Other fun stuff that night:

  • Bike inspections (FREE for attendees)
  • Goodie bags (FREE for attendees)
  • Dinner (FREE for attendees
  • Photo OPs with you and your beloved motorbike (for everyone)
  • Icon will also be giving away a FREE Helmet. Join us!

If you are a woman who rides motorcycles (especially sportbikes), you are not alone. You have a supportive, experienced community of other women who want to meet you, share stories and experiences, and ride with you.

If you are a NEW female rider or are interested in riding a motorcycle, we especially want to meet you!
Sportbike riding and motorcycling in general can be intimidating, but doesn’t have to be with the right network at your side.

You DO NOT have to ride to the event, you can come in a car and we will love you just the same.
You CAN bring your significant other, friends, and family – 2 registered guests are allowed with each registered attendee.

How to Get Registered for WSR West XIII:
$75/ female attendee; $25/ guest (max 2)


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