Tiffany “Sportbikegirl” Weirbach said it best on her website www.sportbikegirl.com: A Sportbikegirl is, “confident, fiery, outgoing and hardcore. She knows how to ride! Riding in a bikini and sandals just isn’t cool. You won’t find anything but authentic, beautiful inside and out, women in here!”

Although Sportbikegirls can be as rare as Unicorns (coined by Brittany) when we come together magic tends happen! From the original Sportbikegirl, Tiffany who attended posthumously through her parents, to the founders, coordinators and attendees throughout the years. This page is for all the beautiful and hardcore mystical creatures out there!


If you have attended at least one rally, CLICK HERE to fill out the form and send a head shot and riding photo or photo of you on your bike (gear highly recommended) to info@womenssportbikerally.com with the subject line UNICORN. Please be sure to credit any photographer of the photos you’re providing.

raceschool5Tiffany Weirbach, The Original Sportbikegirl

stephanizx6rStephani McIntyre, Rally Co-Founder, 100% attendance record

349622Dawn Chappell, Rally Coordinator and veteran attendee

BrittanyridingBrittany Morrow, Rally Director and veteran attendee

monsterlyndsLyndse Rae Faba, Resident artist and veteran attendee

2015-04-11_5Paige Huston, 100% Attendance Award and Long-time sponsor

Michelle Cleveland, Rally Gal

Become the next Lady of the WSR!

One thought on “Unicorns

  1. We have opened up comments for all Unicorns! If you have a special memory or comment you’d like to share please do so! We will be monitoring them, however, so if they are negative or merely a leg humper, we’ll be deleting said post. Thank you for respecting our wishes! 🙂


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