Our Cause

Co-Founder Stephani McIntyre’s
very real and very personal connection to our cause:
Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention

“How Riding Motorcycles Saved My Life…

I often wonder just how I would have ever known that deadly disease -Melanoma- was growing on my body. I do know, however, that I fell in love with sportbikes. I truly believe my connection with riding is what saved my life before I even knew it was in jeopardy.

It was March 2003 when Mother Nature finally took a break from ticking us off in Ohio so we could get out for an early Spring ride. I have a mole on my forehead that has been there all my life and it became irritated by the fibers in my helmet lining on that particular ride. I remember reading somewhere that any changes to a mole could be cause for concern so I went to a dermatologist for the first time in my life to get it checked out.

That mole is a typical, round mole with no boarder distortions and my doctor said she didn’t see any indication of irregularity so I had nothing to worry about. Out of curiosity, however, she gave me a once over to look for anything peculiar. My right shoulder blade region is where she found it. They did a biopsy and less than a week later I received a phone call with the biggest shock off my life. At 26, I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. Even though I hadn’t visited sportbikegirl.com in a few years, Tiffany Weirbach immediately entered my mind.

Stephani's daily reminder.

Stephani’s daily reminder.

I hung up the phone with my doctor and through tears read everything I could on Tiffany’s site. It linked me all over the internet to find more information on the disease. I was freaked out and I had every reason to be. A couple of days later, through outpatient surgery, they were able to successfully remove it all. I am left with a genuine Melanoma scar as a daily reminder of that disease’s attempt at getting me. Through regular skin check-ups, I have had a few more moles removed, but nothing positive for Melanoma. Early detection is critical to survival and something as easy as making an appointment with a dermatologist could save your life. There is so much focus on “balls and breasts” regarding cancer that we tend to forget about the largest organ in our body…our skin.

These days sunblock is my best friend and it’s a rare day if you find me without it. My favorites are Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF 15 lotion for my face every day because it’s light and doesn’t smell like sunblock. For protection when I’m riding or being active outdoors, I use any sports SPF.”

– Rally Co-Founder, Stephani McIntyre