East Rally 2017

Fontana Dam, NC: September 8-10, 2017

Group Photo at Fontana Dam

The 12th Annual East Rally is happening at the foot of The Famous Dragon. Our event has grown so much we’ve decided to move the party over to Fontana Village Resort just a few miles south of The Dragon.

Our new Rally Headquarters will be the host for all of our events including the new workshops, bike wash and group photo.

The ride into the Deals Gap area is incredible, no matter which direction you’re coming from. Whether you’re riding to the event, or trailering your bikes there every road to the Gap leads to the only dedicated women’s sportbike event in the US in 2017. Actually there really aren’t any events solely dedicated to women who love riding performance machines. So if any women out there want to know more about them, share their passion for them with fellow females or just want to ride kickass roads with kickass women then this is the event for her.

We’ll also have workshops at the East Rally including gear, track days, suspension and advanced riding techniques and more.

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