GearChic Workshops East 2018

Meet Your Workshop Leaders at 2018 WSR East XIII

Welcome to WSR East! We have a great roundup of optional workshops scheduled for you all weekend long. We hope you make time to attend as many as you can.


Workshop 1 – ADV 101 – Ready, Set, Adventure!

Taking it to the Mountains & Canyons off-road: getting your bike (and yourself) ready to leave pavement with Lisa. If you’re thinking of going offroad or dual sporting, come to Lisa’s workshop to hear how you can get started into one of the dirtiest aspects of riding!

Lisa Malachowsky is an accomplished, enthusiastic motorcyclist who has been riding bikes on and off-road since the age of 12. She learned on small dirt bikes to prepare her for road riding during college. Slowly, she became a long-distance touring and off-road aficionado and fell in love with the camaraderie that is shared between motorcyclists.

In 2005, after a 20-year IT management career, she combined her passion with her profession and started to work in the motorcycle industry full time. Lisa has a wide and varied background starting in a BMW dealership working her way up to general manager to working for various industry giants such as Schuberth North America and Held USA. She’s also furthered her off-road experience and training with professionals such as Jo Rust, Jimmy Lewis and the BMW Performance Center.

She currently resides in Apex, NC where she is retired from working (for money!) and volunteers passionately for motorcycle causes like the Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride in 2016, and serves as Industry Liaison for the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists. Her role is to bring attention to the needs and voices of female riders while growing their numbers at a national level.

Workshop 2 – No Cape? No Problem. Accident Scene Management with Dr. Paula.

Survival Skills are essential, and that includes helping others I they’ve had a get-off.  

Paula will teach you how to manage an accident scene, get a rider undressed without hurting them, using armor as splints, creating your own first aid kit (that’s actually useful) and securing the scene for safety from other road users.

If you want to chase your dreams, you’ve got to learn to be your own hero. Let Paula show you how!

Paula Crenshaw MD is an avid motorcyclist and Internal Medicine physician who started teaching motorcycle specific “first aid” 5 years ago when she recognized that motorcycle accidents could create specific injuries from coming off the bike. Most motorcyclists carried little in the way of emergency gear, and most were reluctant to act for fear of causing more harm. In fact, it was this fear of acting that she found to often result in more harm.

Being a sport bike rider, she also knew that she didn’t want to carry much, and neither would anyone else. Paula will teach how to remain calm, and use common sense to make decisions. She will show you how much first aid gear you already have with you by improvising with your clothing and bike parts. She will show you how to remove a helmet and how to create a small first aid kit that will leave you with no excuse not to carry but could save a life.

Workshop 3 – Rubber Side Down, Moto Tires 101 with Michelin Motorcycle.

Michelin will be hosting an interactive discussion to learn about the latest MICHELIN products and technologies, how to choose the right tire for your motorcycle, and the importance of air pressure.

Hosting the workshop from Team Michelin: Rob Walker, Randy Richardson and Scot Clark

Workshop 4 – Weekend Warrior, Epic Summers on a Budget

Short on time or cash but want an epic experience you can remember forever? Jennifer knows all about that! She’ll share resources and experience for how to find local-to-you treasures, do day rides and plan sportbike-friendly weekend trips that won’t break the bank.


Workshop 5 – Getting on Track with GearChic


Thinking about going to your first track day? What really happens at a track day? Is it for me? Or is it just for racing? She’ll also break down the differences between specialized track days v. open track days and how to choose one or the other.

Joanne will cover all of these topics including street-focused track days that are designed just for you in mind!  

As the founder of, Joanne has a passion for learning all about women’s motorcycle gear is so you don’t have to. Joanne encourages short women riders to challenge stereotypes and common misconceptions about having to be a certain height to ride. She’s ridden racetracks in California and New Jersey, and attended various riding schools including California Superbike School and Red Pridmore’s CLASS.

Her current endeavors include a new gear centric podcast,  inspiring and educating new women riders with a bimonthly google chat, and the cohost of the Moterrific Podcast, where she and her cohost Cristi Farrell talk about gear, motorcycles and everything in between.

Before moving to Philadelphia in 2014 where she currently works at the Revzilla Store, she also spent 10 years as an MSF Trained RiderCoach in her home state of California. 

Workshop 6 – Riding With Women’s Motorcycle Tours: Epic Adventures in Faraway Places with Eileen Sibley


Before Eileen lands at the Women’s Sportbike Rally, she’s will have been in Southern Africa on a 15 day fully guided tour. This particular tour was a fully paved, fully accommodated tour. Come listen as Eileen shares her experience riding not only in a beautiful continent such as Africa but with a company that specializes in leading women’s motorcycle tours. #forwomenbywomen