Need more information about the Rally?

Our most frequently asked questions:

How much riding experience do I need to have?
– NONE. You don’t even need to know how to ride in order to attend. As long as you’re a woman and are interested in sportbike riding, we would love to have you. You’ll meet women from all walks of life, with the opportunity to ask questions and make new friends (for life). Even if you’ve been riding for 20-30 years, we will have something for you too, including seminars from industry professionals and local ride routes. Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other women who ride! Keep in mind that the roads around our events can vary from intermediate to advanced, so you need to be responsible for your own level of safety. We encourage you to learn from each other, grow, laugh, and enjoy every moment.

Are men allowed at the events?
– Men, women and children are welcome as guests of a registered attendee (limited to 2 guests per attendee)
*Please note: guests do not get a goody bag, are not eligible for door prize drawings and are only invited to attend workshops if under max capacity. Please click on the Tickets link after you’ve selected your Event Registration link for West or East

Where should I stay?
– That’s easy! Rally Headquarters (East Rally 2018 – Iron Horse MC Resort). The Iron Horse is a MOTORCYCLE RESORT. That’s right, just for riders who are looking for a place to stay while they slay the dragon. That means everything is thought out and put together for motorcyclists to fully enjoy their stay. That means, ramps to easily load your bike. Lots of motorcycle parking and less car parking. That also means many different accommodation choices depending on how YOU want to stay.

Love to camp? Book a tent spot. Want a little luxury? Book an apartment suite. Trying to stay under budget? Book a solo bunk bed.

And everything is happening on site, from our Rally 101 and Michelin Movie Night on Friday night to Workshops Saturday morning to group photos Saturday morning, to the ROKHard Breakfast on Sunday morning.

It’s all at the Iron Horse so you won’t miss anything.  See you soon!

How do I get there?
– A few suggestions:

    1. RIDE: Our Facebook Group for Attendees is a great place to post and find out if other women are riding from your area. Or Get the word out in your city, town and get a few girls together to ride together. Download our FLYER here and share our event with every woman rider you know!
    2. TRAILER YOUR BIKE: Companies such as uhaul will also rent you trailers and even tow hitches so if you’ve never ridden long distances, it’s a convenient way to get your bike to the event.
    3. DRIVE OR FLY! You don’t have to RIDE there to be an attendee of the rally. We want every woman who rides, or is thinking about riding sportbikes to attend. So, however you want to get there safely is most important to us.

What if I don’t know anyone else going?
–  Connection is just a click away! Thanks to social media, you can view event RSVPs in the Facebook Event for East Rally and participate in group discussions on our Facebook Group for Attendees, check out comments and hashtags on our Instagram account or Twitter account to see who’s attending the rally.

–  If you sign up for a guided group ride after registration, we’ll even send you a link to a private group discussion so you can meet the girls you’ll be riding with. If all else fails, send us an email and we’ll help you connect with someone before you arrive.

How do I register? 
– WEST RALLY Registration – West Rally for 2018 is over. But there’s still East:
EAST RALLY Registration 

Are there discounts for groups/MCs/military?
–  Everyone is equal at the WSR, so we do not provide discounts on the cost of registration to any groups or individuals. If you are US Armed Services, we thank you for your selfless contribution to our country. We do have a group rate for our host hotels/rally headquarters.

I’ve never been to a rally before. How do I know where to go?
–  You’re in luck! We provide a quick informational meeting and meet&greet called Rally 101 before the Friday night event. You’ll also get a map and a printed schedule during check-in. Last but not least, just look for the sportbikegirls and follow them around, we guarantee you’ll make new friends quickly!

I’m concerned about overnight parking – where do I park my bike/trailer?
–  The host hotel at each event has dedicated night security and ample and safe parking for everyone attending, including truck and trailer parking.

Can I bunk with someone/search for a rally roommate/offer an extra bed in my room?
–  Yes! You can post in the Private Facebook Group for Attendees . Simply request to be added and answer a few basic questions to be approved. 

I have food allergies/follow a special diet, what/where/when do we eat?
–  In order to keep things simple, we only provide meals at the activities marked in the schedule details as Food Provided. You are welcome to cook if your accommodation has a kitchen/grill, bring your own food and snacks from home, or eat at one of the many local restaurants.

Is there a pool?
–  WEST Rally headquarters has a pool! EAST Rally headquarters has a bonfire. Sensing a theme yet?

Are helmets required?
–  California, Tennessee and North Carolina State Laws require the use of helmets at all times regardless of age. For more information on surrounding state laws, please click here.

What if there is an accident?
–  We keep a copy of your emergency contact on hand to aid in the communication process in case of a crash.  It is important to take precautions when riding a motorcycle, especially out of your local area. We suggest always riding in a group of 2 or more, especially at night. Keep identification and important medical information on you at all times. If possible, wear an emergency medical ID such as a RoadID bracelet. Some areas will have limited or no cell coverage, so plan accordingly and bring a paper map if necessary. Most importantly, always ride within your limits.
*Please note: At check-in, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver of liability and provide an emergency contact name & phone number.

What does my registration fee include?
– Detailed information on what’s included can be found here.

Where does my hard-earned money go?
–  An automatic $10 donation to the Skin Cancer Foundation is made with every registration. After event costs and operating costs are covered, our net proceeds at the end of each year are donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation in memory of Tiffany “sportbikegirl” Weirbach. 

This should help, but if you still have questions after reading, feel free to contact us!