Workshops: Women’s Sportbike Rally WEST – July 14-16, 2017 – Big Bear, CA

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Workshop Facilitator + Synopsis Details
Saturday, July 15, 2017

*All workshop lengths are approximately 45 minutes.



Sportbike Maintenance 101Amy Mulligan will share her experiences of building, wrenching, and overcoming the female stigma as a professional aerospace mechanic and custom motorcycle builder. She’ll cover some basic motorcycle maintenance you can/should do at home. Demo: how to clean an air filter. Location: Amphitheater


Racing 101 –  Dani Malena is a CVMA Racer, Canyon Carver and Ass Hauler. She’s going to share her experiences racing on the track, unexpected obstacles, dealing with race egos, how to get started and everything else you wanted to know about racing sportbikes. Location: Meadows Room
IG: @Dani.gsxr6


Going the Distance – Diana DiBiase is an avid cross-country rider and adventurer, with more long-distance miles on a sportbike than most sportbike-riding women twice her age! She will share her trail tips and experiences riding long distance on a sportbike and teach us how to plan, pack and attack long-distance journeys. Suite 306



Sportbike vs ShortbikeJoanne Donn, GearChic.  At 5’2″, she’s ridden over 25 bikes, well beyond her 28″ inseam up to a 35″ seat height. Joanne shares her tips for success, including skill development, ergonomics, proper suspension and motorcycle gear to help you ride the tall bikes of your dreams. Demo: Parking a Motorcycle. Location: Suite 306
FB: @gearchic; IG: @gearchic; Twitter: @gearchic



Track Days 101 – We have 2 experienced ladies hosting this “intro to a track day” seminar which includes a demo on preparing your bike for a track day. They’ll share insider info on track day hacks for any riders who have never been or feel as if they need a refresher. Location: Meadows Room, 2nd Floor
Laura Lea Kelleher, Vlogger (“The Redhead Rides“)
“Life is short so always take the road with the most twisties!”
E. Saibeth Mudek, Founder of Women of Go
“I’m a force to be reckoned with in heels & moto boots.”
IG: @MinxMeaowRacing
IG, FB: @WomenofGo

10344241_10202861340351639_7394065181147712422_oHow to School the Street – Brittany Morrow will discuss the importance of learning beyond basic skills, developing muscle memory and practicing a calm mental state. She’ll explain intermediate safe riding techniques for public roads, how to be more visible to drivers, and answer questions about riding within your limits. DEMO: body position for corners. Location: Amphitheater





Suspension 101 – Amy Mulligan and David Hall will cover suspension basics and why it is so important for sportbike riders in particular. Demo: how to adjust/set your suspension for your weight. Location: Amphitheater 




Stunting 101Robyn Diamond will share with us her experiences as a professional female stunt rider filming music videos, wheelie doubling for stars like Taylor Swift and even shooting an Armani fashion campaign on one wheel. Demo: how to pick up a dropped motorcycle without help. Location: Meadows Room, 2nd Floor



How to Rock the Gear  –Joanne Donn, GearChic will tell you how to find the best fitting motorcycle gear including popular brands and custom gear options. She’ll also provide personalized recommendations for any gear you may be looking for. Location: Suite 306

Demo: How to determine proper helmet fit and sizing.




Can’t decide? Let us guide you on your path to enlightenment!
Suggested workshop bundles:

Be Your Own Hero –  2pm: Sportbike Maintenance 101, 3pm: How to School the Street, 4pm: How to Rock the Gear

Just Browsing: New Riders/Sportbike Inquisitors – 2pm: Going the Distance, 3pm: Track Day 101, 4pm: How to Rock the Gear

Performance Enhancement: Adrenaline Junkies  – 2pm: Racing 101, 3pm: How to School the Street, 4pm: Suspension 101

Independence Day: Adventurous Ladies – 2pm: Going the Distance, 3pm: How to School the Street, 4pm: Stunting 101

Total Domination: Customizing Fiends – 2pm: Sportbike Maintenance 101, 3pm: Sportbike vs Shortbike, 4pm: Suspension 101