The Moto Lady Reviews the Women’s Sportbike Rally

Photo: Dave Hardie, MotoHub USA

Thanks to the Moto Lady for this writeup on Cat’s experience at her first Sportbike Rally West. Cat was our furthest attendee, flying in all the way from New Zealand. Find out what she had to say about our awesome event.

East is happening in just three weeks!


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All Roads Lead to The Women’s Sportbike Rally West

Ladies, we know that not everyone has the same riding experience, so we put together a quick list for you of the various highways that lead to the Rally. Here are our recommendations for which roads to take depending on what your skill level is like.

  • Advanced:  330 – this road has the most consistent elevation change. Two lane road (one lane for each direction) with little to no passing visibility, climbs from San Bernardino to the top of the mountain range.
  • Advanced: 138 (from the north) – this road is twisty, with large elevation changes and technical turns, dark areas (lots of tree coverage) and a narrow two lanes (one in each direction) the entirety of the journey.
  • Intermediate: 18 then 138 – this route is two lanes with dividers through the entire climb up the mountain. Once at the top, the curves are not challenging, but the view can be VERY distracting, so keep your eyes on the road!
  • Intermediate-ish: 18 (from the north) – this route is pretty straight and boring until you have to climb to Big Bear. The twisties are tight and the elevation change is drastic, but it only lasts for a few miles. Butler Maps rates this road as difficult.  Take this route with a grain of salt and don’t get complacent.
  • Beginner:  38 – the least technical route with little-to-no traffic and a gradual elevation change, this is by far the longest way into Big Bear from San Bernardino.

Riding twisty roads can be intimidating and challenging so please remember to ride at your skill level, ask for help and if you can, take an advanced riding class or read up on riding curves before you take off for the Rally.

CHECK OUT THESE CUSTOM MAPS – they’ll take you straight to the Lodge at Big Bear Lake

FROM THE SOUTH (Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego)




From the NORTH (Barstow, Las Vegas, San Francisco)




See you soon, ride safe!

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West Rally Registration is Open!

Registration for Big Bear, CA is now open! If you haven’t checked out the schedule including the workshops we’re hosting, take a look.

No other women’s motorcycle event this year will offer what WSBR is doing. Get all your girlfriends together, (even your man/boyfriends) and join us for twisty rides, seminars and more. See you in July.


Click here to register. 

Be Your Own Hero in 2017

Our 2017 Event Logo Revealed!


Here’s the breakdown: Our original sportbikegirl logo sits in the center of this super-hero-like emblem. The 12 stars represent 12 amazing years of events.

The word empowerment is thrown around quite recklessly these days. As a grassroots effort for the last 12 years, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring women together, encourage them to learn from each other and give them the tools to thrive as sportbikegirls. Taking action – that’s real empowerment!

The Women’s Sportbike Rally encourages all attendees and supporters to be their own hero in 2017, both on and off the motorcycle. What does that mean? Save a life… yours! How?

Four easy steps: Get trained. Ride smart. Wear gear. Get an annual skin checkup.

Getting trained goes beyond initially learning to ride. Riding smart goes beyond common sense. Finding the right gear goes beyond a quick trip to the mall. Want to learn more? We’re providing workshops on each aspect, led by professional women in motorsports, at both of our events this year. The workshops are optional and are included with registration – no extra fees. Now, attending the rally gives you access to the tools you need to save your own life on the bike!

Thanks to the encouragement of Tiffany Weirbach, who lost her own life to Melanoma, we’re all about the #skinsafety at WSR. Did you know that skin cancer is extremely survivable if caught early? An annual skin checkup meant the difference between life and death for our co-founder, Stephani. We implore everyone to visit their dermatologist once a year, no exceptions. Find out more about Melanoma and how to catch it early at

We are making the 2017 event shirts available immediately as part of our rally and charity fundraising efforts. The Rally’s success depends upon donations from amazing sponsors, registration fees and TEE SHIRT SALES! Each of these funding sources are vital to our survival. As always, we are a not-for-profit. Visit our store to order your swag and help us make 2017 the best year yet.

New Year – New Team

Big news from the Women’s Sportbike Rally!

Dear Sportbikegirls and our wonderful supporters,


Our goal is to create a fun and meaningful rally for you to attend and be proud of for years to come. After 11 years and countless hours, emails, calls and miles… our beloved Director, Stephani McIntyre, and event coordinator, Dawn Chappell, have both decided to step down from their respective positions in 2017. We owe them a lifetime of love and respect for what they’ve done leading up to this point and the legacy they leave behind. We know a decision like this is never easy, but we look forward to having them continue as rally attendees and participants for as long as the rally continues.

As our group grows and changes, ensuring its success to positively impact the motorcycling community is an ongoing challenge. This year will be a year of transition and change and we want all of you along for the ride!

20160604_163228We’re excited to announce that Brittany Morrow will be taking over as the new Director of the Women’s Sportbike Rally. Previously, Brittany was the event coordinator for the West Rally since its inception in 2015. She has also been attending our events since 2007. Her work as an advocate for safe riding and event coordination experience makes her the perfect choice for this role. We are looking forward to the future with Brittany at the helm, as she hopes to continue WSR traditions as well as grow and evolve the event for years to come.

As part of our new direction, we are building a volunteer operations staff to support the events going forward. We need your help!

Our hope is that we can create opportunities for women from different walks of life to collaborate as a team, generate fresh ideas, and use their specific talents to reach more women in a positive and meaningful way through our rallies. Are you willing to share your skills and talents (or perhaps just some of your time and a few social media clicks) to support one or both events?

We will be working with volunteers throughout the year to share our knowledge and lessons learned, transfer business relationships, and provide support.

If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to: We look forward to hearing from you!

Much love and respect,
Brittany, Dawn, and Stephani

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