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I’m Brittany Morrow, National Director of the Women’s Sportbike Rally. I’m writing this open letter in hopes of gaining your support for WSR, themed “Ride Brave” in 2019. For 13 years this annual gathering has existed to promote the joy of riding and celebrate women on sportbikes. We host two separate, three-day events each year – one on each coast – and expect 100 attendees at each of the following locations:

WSR WEST in Morro Bay, California: Friday, June 28 – Sunday, June 30, 2019
WSR EAST at Deals Gap, North Carolina: Friday, Sept 6 – Sept, September 8, 2019

Our focus is on empowerment through a culture of camaraderie and knowledge; learning from those ahead of us and teaching those who follow. WSR promotes safe riding, advanced skill training, and the use of protective equipment. The events appeal to all women who ride sport performance motorcycles, and any woman interested in participating in an activity viewed by society as unconventional, unsafe and unfeminine.  WSR is breaking down that stigma and creating a lasting impression on both attendees and the surrounding community – one that reminds everyone that all women have the power to do anything, even if it seems unattainable. Most importantly, we have the immense power to change women’s lives for the better.

We’d be thrilled to have your support. Our biggest hurdle is procuring monetary donations to help fund the event and keep it cost-effective for our attendees. The goals we set aim to appropriately educate and entertain the women who participate in our events. We seek funding from multiple sources, including a registration fee from each attendee and guest, while still donating proceeds at the end of each year to our chosen cause: melanoma awareness, prevention and research via the Skin Cancer Foundation.

I urge you to consider becoming a sponsor of the Women’s Sportbike Rally. Your involvement and support will help us show our attendees:


  • You can be a woman and a motorcyclist and should never have to compromise one for the other.


  • Riding brave means seeking out the products/brands that support your unique lifestyle.


  • Women are valued members of the riding community and valid customers of the industry.



Thank you for taking the time to review our media kit and sponsorship options.  I look forward to your response and working with you. Here’s to a successful and exciting 2019!

Brittany Morrow, National Director of the Women’s Sportbike Rally

*Download Sponsorship Packet – PDF*