Workshops West 2018

Description of the Workshops at WSR West XIII Rally 2018

Welcome to WSR West! We have a great roundup of workshops (optional) after breakfast or after you come back from day riding.

Workshop 1 – Motorcycle Maintenance 101

William Kenefick, of Motorcycle Service Centers, wants to make sure you know how to take care of your bike AND know when it’s time to let a pro do the job.

Telling the difference is an important part of the process, and he hates seeing women get ripped off and taken advantage of by other shops. You’ll gain some boss skills when it comes to knowing, negotiating, and getting your bike the best treatment there is. Join us for 45 minutes in the Azaela Building.

Workshop 2 – Motorcycle Accident Scene Management

Survival Skills are essential, and that includes helping others I they’ve had a get-off.  

Paula will teach u how to manage an accident scene, get a rider undressed without hurting them, using armor as splints, creating your own first aid kit (that’s actually useful) and securing the scene for safety from other road users.

If you want to chase your dreams, you’ve got to learn to be your own hero. Join us for 45 minutes in the Azaela Building.

Paula Crenshaw MD is an avid motorcyclist and Internal Medicine physician who started teaching motorcycle specific “first aid” 5 years ago when she recognized that motorcycle accidents could create specific injuries from coming off the bike. Most motorcyclists carried little in the way of emergency gear, and most were reluctant to act for fear of causing more harm. In fact, it was this fear of acting that she found to often result in more harm.

Being a sport bike rider, she also knew that she didn’t want to carry much, and neither would anyone else. Paula will teach how to remain calm, and use common sense to make decisions. She will show you how much first aid gear you already have with you by improvising with your clothing and bike parts. She will show you how to remove a helmet and how to create a small first aid kit that will leave you with no excuse not to carry but could save a life.

Workshop 3 – Guided Motorcycle Tours

Alisa Clickenger, of Women’s Motorcycle Tours, will cover the pros and cons of touring solo versus guided group tours.

She’ll answer questions about touring on a Sportbike and share some stories of riding and guiding in exotic places (like Africa!).

Alisa is a professional experience maker, world traveler, and moto-journalist. Having fallen in love with the roads less traveled, the last ten years Alisa has been riding all over the globe, accumulating more than 150,000 ADV miles in the last decade.

Alisa has been featured in various mainstream and women’s magazines as a woman pursuing a life of adventure and living outside the box. In 2016 Alisa organized the highly successful Sisters’ Centennial Ride, leading more than two hundred women across the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco for the grand finale. Always an advocate for women and motorcycling, Alisa shares her passion for motorcycling through her writing, public speaking, and two-wheeled events.

Workshop 4 – Intro to the Track


Thinking about going to your first track day? What really happens at a track day? Is it for me? Or is it just for racing?

Joanne will cover all of these topics including street-focused track days that are also designed to fully improve your skills on the street!  

As the founder of, Joanne has a passion for learning all about women’s motorcycle gear is so you don’t have to. Joanne encourages short women riders to challenge stereotypes and common misconceptions about having to be a certain height to ride. Her current endeavors include a new gear centric podcast,  inspiring and educating new women riders with a bimonthly google chat, and the cohost of the the Moterrific Podcast, where she and her cohost Cristi Farrell talk about gear, motorcycles and everything in between.

She currently lives in Philadelphia where she works at the Revzilla Store sharing her love of motorcycles and gear with everyone who walks in the door.